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Septic Tank Pumping Involves Vacuuming Out The Tank And Checking It For Damage


If you own a septic tank, you know it needs to be pumped out every few years. However, you may not know what septic tank pumping entails. Your pump is cleaned out and checked at the same time so you can schedule repairs if they're needed. Here's an overview of what may happen when your septic tank is pumped out.

The Contents Are Vacuumed Out

The septic tank service arrives at your property with a tanker truck that will collect the sludge and water pulled from your tank. A long hose connects to the truck and vacuums out the contents of your septic tank. The technician uses a muck rake to help the process.

A muck rake is like a hoe with slots in it that's on a long pole. The worker can stir the tank to loosen sludge and mix fat so they get pulled out along with the water. In some cases, the septic tank professional may need to hose down the tank with water to help the cleaning process along.

The Septic Technician Checks The Tank

When the technician first arrives, they check the ground around the tank and take notice of potential problems. Grass that's greener over the tank than elsewhere in your yard might indicate a leaky tank. Soil that's sunken near the tank could also be a sign of a tank problem. They also check the lid on the manhole. If you have a concrete lid that's cracked, it should be repaired or replaced.

When the technician is pumping out the tank, they check for backflow. When the tank is pumped out, it should stay empty until you run water or waste from your home to your tank. If wastewater leaks back in automatically, that could be a sign of trouble with the drainfield or your septic system on the exit side of your tank, and you may need to schedule repairs soon after your tank is pumped.

Your septic tank pumping service might also include a final check once the tank is empty. This can be done with a mirror and flashlight on a long pole. This gives the technician the ability to look for cracks and corrosion inside the tank. If problems are suspected, you may need to schedule a more thorough inspection for later.

Septic tank pumping gets rid of all the accumulated waste in your tank so you should go for a few years without needing the tank pumped again. However, if you've had problems with sewer odors or sewage backing up, ask the septic technician to recommend the best schedule for having your tank pumped so you can have it emptied before it gets too full.


28 June 2021