Keeping Your House and Business Clean

I have never been great at keeping things clean, but a few years ago things hit rock bottom. I realized that my home and business were no longer safe places to be, and I knew that I needed help from a professional to make things right. I hired a sanitation team to come in and help me to improve things, and it really paid off. Within a few weeks, my home and business were clean, functional, and incredibly welcoming. Check out this blog for more information about keeping your home and business clean and sanitary so that you can enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Why Your Restaurant Should Use Industrial Sanitization Services For Cleaning


If you own a small restaurant, then you know the importance of cleaning every night, and sometimes between services. What you may also know is that no matter how much your staff cleans, and no matter how good they are, they still miss areas that could cause sanitation issues. This means you may look to other companies to do your deep sanitation cleaning once a week or several times a month. If you haven't considered this option, here are some reasons your restaurant should use industrial sanitation services for your cleaning.

Floor Cleaning

Restaurant floors, especially in the kitchen area, can build up with grease even with traditional cleaning solutions your staff uses on a daily basis. This build-up can be incredibly unsanitary and can cause issues with sanitation in your kitchen. An industrial sensitization service can use special floor cleaning products and tools that will remove this build-up and create a clean and stripped working surface. They can also handle sanitizing carpeted areas, entryways, and wood floors in the dining and bar areas. The companies can also offer special cleaning tools that clean the grout as well as the tiles and corner areas of floors where build-up may be worse. 

LEED Standards

Many restaurants are moving toward green cleaning options, but they may not know how to handle this in house while still meeting the LEED standards for health and sanitation. By hiring an industrial sanitation service to handle the job, you can request green cleaning options and still know that the LEED standards for sanitation are being kept.

Sanitation of Food Areas

One of the most important areas to keep sanitized is the food storage area. This includes freezers, refrigerators, and walk-in areas for produce storage. There are industrial sanitation service companies that specialize in this area alone. They make sure the coolers are sanitized inside and out. Filters are changed and sanitized, and even the water lines that help maintain the areas are kept sanitized with special equipment and tools. If you find that your food is spoiling quickly or that other issues are occurring, they can take care of that as well by finding the source of the issue as well as fixing it and maintaining it moving forward.

These are only a few of the reasons your restaurant should be using an industrial sanitation service, like Powell's  Trash Service , for your cleaning needs. Each company offers basic and more detailed services, so be sure to have a consultation to discuss your needs and budget before hiring a service.


23 February 2017