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Three Awful Things That Could Happen If You Don't Maintain Your Septic Tank


If you have a septic tank that handles wastewater in your home, it's very important that you understand the importance of keeping up on septic tank maintenance.

The negative consequences of improper septic tank maintenance don't only pose a threat to you and your family, but to your entire community as well. It's important for you to understand septic tank maintenance in order to be a responsible home owner.

The following are three terrible things you might have to deal with in your home and community if you don't keep up on septic tank cleaning and other regular maintenance tasks:

You could inadvertently end up contaminating the ground water in your area.

Without maintenance, a septic tank will eventually begin to overflow. When this happens, the contents of the septic tank will end up in the drain field around your home.

This means that sewage that is raw and untreated will get into direct contact with the streams, ponds, and rivers in your area. Eventually, this sewage will make its way into the ground water around your home and even into ground water in areas that are located far away. This poses a huge threat to anyone in your region using a well to pump ground water into a home for home consumption.

If you accidentally contaminate your area's water, you could be held legally and financially responsible for any problems that are caused. Stay on top of septic tank maintenance to cover your liabilities.

Your home's plumbing system could become severely damaged.

A septic tank that is not properly maintained could create plumbing problems. A septic tank that is filled to capacity may lead to plumbing fixtures that no longer drain properly.

If your septic tank needs maintenance, you may notice that you're getting frequent clogs in your toilets and drains. The longer you put maintenance off for your septic tank, the more expensive maintenance and/or repairs will eventually be.

Your own home could become contaminated with harmful pathogens.

Maintaining your septic tank is very important from a hygiene standpoint. If a septic tank backs up, raw sewage could overflow into the interior of a home. 

This could release harmful pathogens into your home and create extensive health threats that will be difficult to get rid of after the fact.

Not only is a sewage overflow resulting from septic tank maintenance issues potentially harmful to the health of a household, but it's also disgusting. Septic tank problems are some of the most unpleasant issues you could possibly face in your home, so avoid them at all costs. Contact a company like The Outhouse to learn more.


3 January 2017